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WIND ENERGY ON & OFFSHORE. -Blade Inspection, Blade Repair, Cleaning Outside Of Nacelle, blade and Tower, -Inspection, Tighten and screw Sealed, - Treatment Of Corrosion, -Daytime buoy painting, -Installation of Instrumentation, -replacement of Vinyl, -Electricity and Electronic, -Photographic report, -Assistance in Mounting, -Measurement Of Conductivity, -Rescue team. // INDUSTRY ON & OFFSHORE. - Treatment Of Corrosion y Painting, -Repair of Concrete, -Inspection y Repair Of Dams y Reservoirs, Both The corrosion Of Iron As The Application Of Special Products For The Maintenance Of Concrete, - Systems Hydraulic, Cleaning y Maintenance Of Structures Metal y of concrete, -Preservation, -Cuts and Welding, -Modification of Structures, -Tighten and Fatliquors, -Electricity and Electronic, -Installation of cabling, instrumentation and sensors in Weather towers and towers in Telecommunications, -Inspections Techniques, -Reports Photographic, -Reports Technical, -Plan Of Bailouts y Equipment Of Bailouts , Qualified With The Latest Techniques In Bailouts With Ropes, -Drops objects survey.// NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING. Particles Magnetic, Liquids Penetrating, Currents Induced.// SECURITY. - Review y Certification Of PPE’S For Works in height, -Review y Certification Of Systems Anti-falls. // LINES OF LIFE. - Elaboration of Projects, -Production of parts and supports Certificates, -Installation and certification of life lines Horizontal and vertical over structures and Covers, - Lines Of Life Temporary, For Works Industrial y Works Civil, Review y Maintenance Of Lines Of Life, - Installation and Certification Of Devices of anchors, -Review and Maintenance Of Points of anchors, Installation y Certification Of Networks Anti-Falls In metal structures, both in industry and In Work Civil.
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Installation, calibration, verification and adjustment of instrumentation equipment with ENAC traceable patterns Process: transmitters & pressure switches, temperature, level and flow, control valves, limit switches ... Analyzers: conductivity, pH, ORP, humidity ... Environment: NOx, SO2, opacity, O2, ozone, particles ...
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ECOS is an environmental, coastal engineering and R&D consulting agency for enterprises and public bodies, whose main specializations are in the marine environment.*Environmental land-use management planning *Planning, management and monitoring of protected areas *Environmental impact assessments *Monitoring plans *Eco-mapping studies *Water quality studies *Sediment studies *Taxonomic studies *Bathymetric studies *Geophysical survey *Underwater inspections *Hydrodynamic studies *Particle dispersion studies / discharge modeling *Wave climate study / coastal dynamics *Marine outfall designs *Beach stabilization *R & D
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COASTAL ENGINEERING: Marine climate (swell, currents, tides…), Agitation and swell propagation studies, Coastal dynamics, Sediment transport, Beach morphodynamics and coastal evolution, Beach regeneration, Calculation of oceanographic coefficients and parameters.// SECURITY AND MONITORING OF THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT: Water quality studies, Bionomic studies, Geological and sedimentological studies, Topographic and bathymetric studies.// ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: Marine protected areas (MPA), Environmental diagnosis, Environmental viability studies Environmental assessment studies.// COASTAL MANAGEMENT: Integrated management of the coastal área, Development of organisation and management plans for marine protected areas (MPA), Environmental baseline survey, Coastal organisation plans, Coastal management plans, Participative workshops and recruitment.//
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MARITIME & OFFSHORE TRAININGS. The most complete training offer and with the best warranties in the Canary Islands. We are providing maritime specialized courses as per IMO STCW Convention. We are providing OPITO approved course for offshore industry.// P&I CORRESPONDENTS: We coordinate and resolve emergency maritime incidents ocurring within our market area. We handle any associated claims and offer assistance to the Captain/ Shipowners and their Insurers in case of illness, death or accidents ocurring at sea.// SHIP AGENCY: Grupo Stier constantly seeks to exceed industry requirements and expectations. Our Offices guarantee a reliable, efficient 24/7 service to ships and cargoes in all Spanish ports, including ships under repairs in the shipyards. Our market area includes Cape Verde.// LEGAL SERVICES: Legal services representing local and international clients through Spain and Europe. Our areas of practice cover Transportation Law including Land, Air and Maritime, Insurance and Reinsurance, P&I, Energy and Oil and Gas, Commercial Litigation and Arbitration.// SURVEYS AND INSPECTIONS: Master’s License on Oceangoing Vessels, Chief Engineers and Naval Engineers with over 25 years of experience in shipping claims, to provide the best available solutions through our Marine Surveyors Division.
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IPROCEL is a company dedicated to the provision of services directed to the energy sectors (generation plants, substations and lines) and Oil & Gas. (Refineries, petrochemical plants, regasification plants, etc.). Among the main services of the company you can get: - Engineering and consulting - Assembly, testing and commissioning - Operation and maintenance - Laboratory of calibration of electrical parameters
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Laboratory for Analysis and Quality Control We perform analytical Services to: All types of waters, Soils, Sludges, Leachates, Solid Waste, Air Quality (emissions, immissions, workplace atmosphere). Consulting and Analysis Services, high added value equipment and systems, Environmental Services by means of Counselling and Management in the following areas: Consultancy and Environmental Monitoring, Chemical Risk Assesment, Biosecurity, Diagnosis and Odour Control, Environmental Modelling, Noise Measurement and Control, Marine and Coastal Services
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Lloyd 's register provides risk management and "business assurance" solutions to customers in many different industries in all parts of the world: Naval : our activities help to ensure that the internationally recognized quality standards are met throughout the full life cycle of a ship, since it is built up to the end of her active service. we help owners and operators to perform their duties safely and effectively by providing a comprehensive set of services on classification, mandatory certification, technical advice and consultancy LRQA: "business assurance" company that provides services on certification and training. our activities cover a range of high quality services in a wide variety of subjects, industries and geographic locations Oil and Gas: support for operators and contractors all around the world during the full life cycle of their operating assets, from design to dismantling . we conduct various activities within three major areas: regulations compliance, integrity services and consulting Industry: services on design evaluation, inspection and advisory Railway: compliance verification services and consulting.
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Engineering Services, Projects and Naval Designs, in general (New Constructions and Repairs) Stability studies, loadline calculations, tonnage, etc. Preparation of Towing Plans Ship Services and Installations Design Hull Accessories and Equipment Design Crane, Davit and other Deck Equipment Mounting Designs Mooring Structure Design Flag Registration and Legal Proceedings for Boat imports Naval and Industrial Delineation
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ROV Services; Operation and maintenance, management and consulting • UWILD Inspection Services • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) • Marine Surveys: Bathymetric, Geophysical, Hydrographic and Oceanographic (SSS, SBP, MBES) • Underwater Objects Detection & Recovery • ROV Sales and Rentals • Marine & ROV Engineering • Professional Diving • ROV Comissioning projects • Underwater Archeology • R&D Projects • Underwater Documentaries • Maritime Training: ROV Pilot Technician Training , IMIST • We provide Pilots/Technicians for ROV, Trenchers & Ploughs submersible vehicles worldwide.
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